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  • Global Tourism, Sustainability and a Sunny Beach

      This Video was first published as a commercial feature on bbc.com and was created by BBC StoryWorks, Global News’s commercial content division, on behalf of Ministry of Tourism, Bulgaria.

  • Interview of Hon. Nikolina Angelkova, Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria

    In an interview given to www.investingintourism.com, the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria, Hon. Mrs. Nikolina Angelkova outlines her vision to attract investments in the tourism sector and her plans to set the pace in tourism sustainability in both the Republic of Bulgaria and the Southeast European region. What factors have motivated the …

  • Press Release

    Launching of the ‘Investing in Tourism Sustainability Conference’ 30 – 31 May 2019 The inaugural Investing in Tourism Sustainability Conference to focus on investment in tourism in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe.   The conference will be hosted by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria in partnership with ITIC and InvesTourism which is …