The Conference


The Southeast Europe region (SEE) attracted over 120 million tourists in 2018 and total tourism receipts of USD 118.8 billion which accounted for around 11.7% of total GDP for the Southeast Europe countries. Bulgaria alone attracted over 9.2 million tourists and total tourism receipts of USD7.6 billion in 2018. SEE countries employ some 3.5 million people which represents nearly 4.5% of the total population. Without any aggressive branding or marketing. The yearly projected growth is approximately 4% to 5%. Tourism in the region is growing strongly and represents an excellent opportunity for investment in tourism projects and services.

Investing in Sustainable Tourism

Hosted by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria and in partnership with ITIC and InvesTourism, the Conference is designed to provide a Tourism Investment platform bringing together Policy Makers, Tourism Ministers, Project Owners, Investors and the tourism and hospitality business sectors from Bulgaria, Southeast European countries and global tourism stakeholders. It will stimulate thought leadership in travel and tourism, new business opportunities and innovation. This event will focus especially on tourism development and investment in Bulgaria and Southeast European countries and will address the concerns and challenges faced by the region.

The inaugural of this Conference in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria will attract over 400 public and private sector leaders interested in investment and development of the travel and tourism sector as a prime engine for future economic growth and as a model that can promote self-employment among the local communities in both Bulgaria and Southeast European destinations.

More investment in tourism developments, infrastructure and services is essential to keep pace with forecast demand and to maximise economic opportunities for all stakeholders and especially local communities.

The conference will also be a forum for participants to discuss opportunities of mutual interest and initiate potential partnerships and alliances that lead to sustainable investments in tourism developments that progress to fruition.

Tourism Investment Platform

The Conference will provide a platform to drive international awareness and investment in the tourism and travel sector and it will also act as a catalyst for inclusive growth. ITSC will add value to the efforts of tourist destinations by assisting in translating their vision, objectives and development strategies into bankable project Initiatives. Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in high level group discussions, networking with policy makers, project owners having live and bankable projects, private equity firms, funding agencies, investors, bankers, tourism experts, business innovators and influencers who have the power to channel capital and raise funds. Delegates will have the opportunity to use the Conference as the main meeting and networking place to negotiate alliances by means of strategic partnership, new shareholding structures and governmental and PPP (Public Private Partnership) agreements.

The Conference will give visibility to leading industry entities and emerging destinations in their policy orientation by pairing specific tourism strategies with investment solutions, acting as a catalyst and an engine for inclusive growth and sustainable economic development.